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纽约医院’s 手术 Center Awarded
The Press Ganey ‘Guardian of Excellence’ Award

冰球突破的彼得森家庭手术中心被授予Press Ganey的“卓越监护人奖”. This nationally recognized symbol of achievement in health care, 表彰在患者体验方面达到95%或以上的表现最佳的医疗保健机构.

Our talented team of surgeons and caregivers is renowned for their skills in the operating and procedural rooms; And will proudly continue to care for each patient with the compassion and kindness they both expect and deserve.



Davinci Surgical System at 纽约医院

冰球突破的手术中心将先进的技术与个性化的护理在舒适的, 关爱环境. 该中心配备了五套手术套房,由专业和训练有素的专家团队负责术前护理, 在手术和恢复过程中. 冰球突破的中心设备齐全,配备了最先进的技术和仪器设备,500 surgical procedures annually in the following specialties:

  • 普通外科
  • 眼科手术(眼科)
  • Ear nose and throat (Otolaryngology)
  • 妇科
  • 骨科手术
  • 整形手术
  • 足病手术
  • 胸外科
  • Urology – including greenlight laser therapy
  •  MAKOplasty Robotic Assisted Knee and Hip Replacements

外科医生与冰球突破的麻醉团队的麻醉师和护士麻醉师(CRNA)一起工作,缓解患者的疼痛和不适, 手术中和手术后. With amenities like private waiting and recovery rooms, 温暖的毯子, 客房服务, 交通服务和员工营造舒适愉悦的氛围, 纽约医院’s surgery center is among the best in the area.


纽约医院 is known for its loving-kindness care. 特殊程序也一样. 内窥镜检查如结肠镜检查和其他胃肠病学检查都是在轻松的环境中进行的, soothing and 舒适的 environment in a wing of 纽约医院’s surgery center.

Experienced and compassionate nursing staff work closely with patients, 家庭成员和医生创造一个个性化的护理和舒适的环境. 冰球突破的中心为每位患者提供个性化的关注,从他们到达的那一刻起,直到他们被护送出门. 冰球突破的专业人员与个人一起工作,根据需要评估和缓解疼痛和舒适, 冰球突破的中心为每位病人提供一个单独的房间,用于手术前和手术后的康复护理.

纽约医院 is a leading provider of quality health care in our region. We offer advanced technology in a personalized, private environment. Other procedures and services that are performed here include urology, 整形手术, ENT, 医疗程序, 整形手术, 妇科, 肺学, 传染性疾病, 和眼科.

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The surgery center is staffed by board-certified 外科医生和麻醉师,高度熟练 医师助理, 注册护士第一助理, RNs, 外科技术人员, central sterile staff and support staff 创造一个特殊的环境, one in which each patient is cared for in a personal, respectful way before they enter the center, throughout their stay and after they go home. We offer personalized care that goes above and beyond. Each patient experience is unique and based on the patient’s individual needs. 您的隐私和尊重在冰球突破中心是至关重要的-冰球突破在您住院期间为每位患者提供私人房间-从术前到恢复和术后护理. 冰球突破充满爱心和关怀的员工和家庭友好的环境随时为您和您的亲人提供支持. 冰球突破最新更新和扩展的环境是围绕患者的舒适度建立的,冰球突破熟练的外科医生和工作人员团队在不断发展的技术和最新程序中提供创新的外科技术和专业知识-例如髋关节置换术和定制关节重建手术的直接前路手术.

冰球突破强烈支持物理, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their family members. We offer access to relaxation techniques such as Reiki to calm nerves for patients, 还有一个美丽的家庭休闲花园,以及冰球突破的爱心室,用来反思和支持.

Preparing for 手术 at 纽约医院

Once your surgery is scheduled by your surgeon’s office, 冰球突破的术前护理团队开始行动,为病人制定了护理计划. Our pre-op team will coordinate all of the necessary pre-op paperwork, review your medical history and medications and schedule any testing (if needed). 冰球突破还将为您提供具体的指导并回答您可能遇到的任何问题. 如果您在手术前有任何需求,您可以直接联系术前小组,地址是 (207) 361-3654 or (207) 361-3627. They are available Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm.

如果你发烧了, 冷, sore throat or other illness before your scheduled surgery, 然后请通知你的医生,因为手术可能需要推迟到你康复后. If you will be given general anesthesia or any sedation, then you must arrange for someone to drive you home following your procedure. 你接受的任何麻醉都可能使你昏昏欲睡长达24小时,所以不允许开车. 注意,冰球突破提供 免费运输 为所有来冰球突破手术中心做手术的病人提供往返医院的服务. 打电话给207-351-3413 了解更多信息.

Other steps to prepare for surgery include:

  • Please bathe or shower prior to coming in for surgery.
  • Remove all nail polish, makeup, lipstick, false eyelashes and hairpieces.
  • 请穿休闲装, 舒适的, 宽松的衣服,如运动服, 容易扣的衬衫或衬衫要足够大,以防你在手术后缠上大绷带, as well as 舒适的 shoes (please, 不穿高跟鞋). All personal items need to be removed prior to surgery. Your nurse will instruct you of any exceptions to this policy.
  • Please leave valuables and jewelry at home. If you wear contact lenses, bring a case or leave them at home.
  • If you wear glasses, bring your case for their safekeeping.
  • If you smoke, try to quit or cut down before surgery.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your procedure, unless otherwise instructed by your surgery personnel. This includes chewing gum, mints, water and coffee.
请在您的外科医生和/或术前护士指定的时间到达冰球突破,以便您可以为手术做准备. Complimentary parking is provided at 纽约医院. After you are registered, you will be taken to a private, pre-operative room. A nurse will take a brief medical history, 进行任何必要的(尚未完成的)实验室工作,并要求您签署手术同意书. 您还将与冰球突破的麻醉团队成员之一会面,讨论您将接受的麻醉类型. Family may remain with you during this time.

When the nurse is taking your history, please remember to mention:

  • 如果你戴假牙,包括永久性假牙,如桥牙帽或牙冠
  • Any medication you have taken or brought from home
  • 任何过敏
  • Special orders from your physician
  • 感冒、发烧或感染
  • In the case of a child, any serious or chronic illness the child has had
  • Any problems you have had with previous surgery or anesthesia
  • Any family members who have had trouble with anesthesia

Once it is determined that you are in a safe condition to have surgery, your family or friend may wait with you in the room until you are taken to surgery. 从那里, 为了您的安全,您将被直接放在轮床上或轮椅上送往手术室. Your friends and family will then be directed to the waiting area.

Your surgery will be performed in one of our 5 operating room suites. 家庭成员可以在家庭等候区等候(那里有饮料和零食以及电脑), 游戏及其他康乐设施), in our outdoor serenity garden (weather permitting), 或者你的术后病房,如果有的话. The surgeon will give them an update on your condition following surgery.
手术后, 在你康复期间,你将被带到麻醉后护理病房(PACU). 在PACU中花费的时间因患者而异,但通常平均约为45分钟至1小时. 然后你会被转移到一个单独的术后病房在那里你会待在那里直到安全回家. Friends and family members are welcome to stay with you as well. Depending on the type of anesthesia you received, 你的视力可能会模糊, 口干和/或发冷. 噪音听起来可能比平时更大. The nurse will check your dressing(s) and blood pressure often. You may also have an IV and other tubes used for drainage. The area around your surgery may hurt or burn. Don´t be afraid to ask your nurse for pain medication. 在你离开医院之前, your nurse will make sure that you are able to walk, 小便和喝水. (如果你是住院病人, 您将被带到医院顶楼的病房,由冰球突破专业的内科-外科护理护士团队进行进一步护理(详情请参阅住院护理)。.

Outpatients will be discharged the day of surgery and recover at home. 在你离开医院之前, 你的外科医生和护士会给你具体的书面指示,告诉你如何在家照顾自己,并回答你当时可能遇到的任何问题. Remember that activity helps circulation and deep breathing speeds recovery. You will be told what type of activity is safe to do for your specific procedure.

如果您有任何问题或疑虑,请随时与您的外科医生办公室联系, 或透过电邮联络冰球突破 (207) 351-2400 的信息.